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Our strong team of aviation professionals is here to address all your enquiries regarding careers in the field of aeronautics, associated training programs, and professional interviews within the industry.

Co-Founder / Advisor / Airline Pilot


After 3 years as project manager on the EC225 for Airbus helicopter, and a Master's degree in aeronautical business engineering, Alexandre became a professional pilot in the business jet sector, before quickly moving on to become an airline pilot on the Airbus A320 for a major European airline.

Co-Founder / Advisor / Airline Pilot


After 2 years of prep school and PPL in France, Edouard did an integrated pilot training in England as well as Bachelor in management. He joined a major European airline in 2020. Since 2022 Edouard as co-Founder of Aviation Advice coached actively students who wished to become pilots.

Chief of English Training / Airline Pilot


After completion of her flight training in England, Chloe joined a major European airline in 2019. Having lived in the UK for 6 years, Chloe operates on the A320 fleet and also specialises in English Language Proficiency examinations and assessing. In addition, Chloe has also undertaken roles as a Flight Instructor and an ATC Simulator pilot.

Our Services

Career Study

Explore our exclusive package tailored to guide our clients in their aviation orientation and career endeavors. This comprehensive program offers one-on-one sessions with our industry experts, personalized skills assessments, and in-depth advice on career choices. Additionally, we provide detailed resources on various aviation pathways and professional opportunities. Our dedicated team supports you at every step, assisting you in making informed decisions for a promising future in the aviation industry. Opt for our package and receive specialized support to achieve your professional aspirations in the world of aviation

Individual Interview

One of our professional pilots will assist you in preparing for the interview of your choice, tailoring your answers to reflect your unique experiences. With our extensive feedback on various questions, we can effectively prepare you for challenging inquiries and help you articulate your competencies clearly. Our services cater to diverse profiles, ranging from recent graduates to individuals making career changes, ensuring tailored guidance for everyone.

Group Exercise

The mission of our company is to provide expert guidance for your aviation interviews. Our organized group interviews offer a practice environment mirroring the conditions of the actual exam day. The topics we cover adhere to industry standards and are independent of any specific school or airline affiliation. Our knowledgeable advisors are available to offer valuable advice and practical tips, ensuring you are well-prepared for your aviation interviews.


We provide standardized documentation to assist you in your interview preparations. This comprehensive resource offers general guidelines and valuable tips, designed to enhance your confidence and make you feel more at ease during your interviews. Our documentation has been meticulously crafted by our team of consultants. It is designed to provide you with general advice that can be applied effectively in your interviews.

Mutual Support Platform

Join our Discord support platform dedicated to aviation selection processes and career orientation projects. Our interactive community provides a space where you can ask questions, share comments, and receive expert advice. Engage with experienced pilots and aviation enthusiasts, participate in live Q&A sessions, and attend thematic workshops led by industry professionals. Enjoy direct access to exclusive resources to refine your career goals. Join us for valuable support at every stage of your aviation journey.

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