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Vincent D.
Having attended three sessions with Aviation Advice, I can only advise you to join them. It really helps and is similar to the interviews we can have on exam day.
Dina C.
It has been amazing getting help and support from the Aviation Advice team and members. The group exercises with feedback helped me tremendously. Indeed, I knew what to expect and felt much more confident.
Nada A.
I was very lucky to stumble upon Aviation Advice during my preparation for a selection process. They are extremely helpful and offer a very real world preparation for mock group exercises as well as individual interviews.
Toni C.
I want to thank the Aviation Advice team for the help provided threw some calls and the interviews with the feedback. I learned how to promote myself and how to answer to the competency based questions with the STAR technique.
Jil K.
Aviation Advice helped me passing the different interviews, by giving professional feedback and advice on how to improve. I can highly recommend this compagny for any airline selection!
Antoine L.
I took the Intermediate pack with Aviation Advice, and even though I am currently working in the aviation industry as an air operation engineer, their precious advices allowed me to get the good elements of response for the interview, and the correct behavior for the group exercise.

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